Enter the Dinoverse

DINO is not just another Solana-based NFT project. $DINO is issued
as a fungible token which allows for the minting of Dino NFTs
through a process which creates, incubates, and hatches eggs.



$DINO is the key

to enter the Dinoverse

$DINO is the native currency of the Dinoverse.
Collect $DINO tokens and stake them in the
DINO Love Shack to earn your very own DINO NFT

Bring Back the Dinosaurs!

Greetings fellow explorers! I’m writing to you to discuss an exciting new scientific endeavor. Our researchers have discovered a way to embed small fragments of dinosaur DNA into the Solana blockchain. If our science is correct, we should be able to bring dinosaurs back to life!
There are several phases of research we have to go through in order to bring the dinos back, but with the help of the Solana network and our team of crack scientists, we have found a way to do this research completely decentralized! There are 4 key steps to starting the return of the dinos. I’ll lay them out below.

The dinosaur DNA samples we need in order to progress our research are found scattered throughout the blockchain. We need explorers like you to gather them and bring them to the Love Shack (our research station) so our researchers can combine the DNA fragments.
DNA fragments can be found in DINO tokens and DINO pair LP tokens from some of the biggest Solana AMM providers.

Once you have collected the DNA samples in the DINO and DINO LP Pool tokens, bring them to the researchers at the Love Shack and stake them. The researchers can then use the genetic material in your tokens to construct viable dinosaur DNA for injection into eggs. This DNA will be stored in DINOEGG tokens for safe-keeping. The Love Shack has a state of the art laboratory, but all good science takes time, so leave it to the scientists and check back frequently to see their progress. You will need 1 DINOEGG to be able to successfully reconstruct an EGG NFT.

Now that we have enough genetic material to construct a viable egg, it’s time to start resurrecting the dinosaurs! The first thing we need to do is head over to the Incubator and make an EGG NFT so we can incubate our DINO NFT safely. These aren’t completely unique NFTs, they’re just for incubating the DINO NFTs in the next step. When minting our EGG NFTs, approximately 1 in 4 EGG will contain a dinosaur with a rare mutation, and there is an ultra rare chance (1:100) the EGG may be a new breed. There are rumors that some EGGs were exposed to radiation, but we checked thousands and didn’t find any.

Better get those EGGs under the heating lamps quickly! We need to start incubating so we can hatch our DINO NFTs. This process does take a little bit of time (7 days) but our scientists are working on ways to speed that up without harming the DINOs. One of our lab techs insists that this would be a good time to add nutrients to the eggs, but we’re not really sure what they are talking about. Once the incubation time is up, claim your DINO NFT and unleash the rawr!

Our data

Token Distribution

Allocation of DINO

Total circulating supply - 200 000 000

  • 33% Staked
  • 20% Liquidity
  • 47% Community



Frequency Asked Questions

Trading $DINO is possible on:

The Loveshack is a web application that interacts with a staking contract where users can earn $DINOEGG tokens by staking their $DINO tokens. There is no minimum or maximum amount users can stake. The amount only affects the rate at how fast $DINOEGG tokens are generated. Initially this contract allows $DINO tokens to be staked to earn $DINOEGG at a rate of 1 $DINOEGG per 100k $DINO staked over 30 days. However, this rate will be cut by a third every 65 days starting on the 28th of September.


The Loveshack will also provide a mechanism that can turn 1.00 $DINOEGG token into a Dino Egg NFT. Users can choose to submit multiple $DINOEGG tokens for a chance to get a Dino Egg NFT of a higher rarity.

The Incubator is the final step for users to get their hands on a Dino NFT. Dino Egg NFTs can in fact be hatched into a generative Dino NFT. This has a similar dynamic to turning a $DINOEGG token into Dino Egg NFT – with the rarity of the egg combined with a stroke of luck. Each Dino NFT has a unique set of traits and features.

The ultimate goal is to create a Dino metaverse. It will consist of different components to cater to a wide range of audiences. The main component will be a Dino game where players can interact with each other while using their own Dino NFTs as their in-game character.